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Talk about the survival of the site

Many owners simply abandoned the research, Web pop-up ads, only live on search engine traffic. Actually improve user stick degrees is not a too big of problem, also absolute not door households big website of privileges, Sesame today in here on listed several common of improve user stick degrees of method:
a, and established himself of user circle is King
best of increased user stick degrees and loyalty degrees of method, is established himself of user circle, although currently many website of members are has tens of thousands of, hundreds of thousands of of more, but most interactive sex poor, members and members zhiqian lack contact, user viscous natural poor. In addition, said the establishment of the user here refers to interactions between the user and the user has full, conditional, you can increase your IM chat tool, or use features such as Web chat room. Has always been a problem, various major forums are at the stage of Tencent, a blood transfusion.
met through your forum, then add QQ and your forum is useless. In that case, an increase in viscosity of Tencent's users, not much difference for you. Should try to stay in the user's own website. Many Forum programs now are aware of this, most online chat features have been added. When the user has reached full interaction between, users who have their own circle, viscosity and loyalty are not treated as ordinary people can take away.
, has its own desktop tool allows users to install your website's plugin or desktop tool, but also improve the viscosity of the user role. Has many small websites take this to dominate the Internet portal. But is a pity, since 360 killed after the birth, of shameless gadget or something, not much room for survival. Conditions, however, can be agents of some simple software such as computer games. Can also add a desktop shortcut to a Web site, renren and other SNS sites will have such a link, click on download, has increased to a shortcut on the desktop. Many people may think that it is redundant, but it's not so well of the viscosity and increase user loyalty, increases the number of member visits.
III, requiring users to real-name authentication, give more
require permissions to users wanting more, it must be real-name authentication. After the real-name authentication, most members will not easily leave the site. There are many kinds of real-name authentication methods, you can use the phone authentication, email authentication, ID certification, according to the Web site itself should viscosity judgment. After the real-name authentication, not logged in members can also give long time sending text messages or emails, so that you can recall more about the old members.
but note, to grasp. For example, if you are just a fiction site, you require user ID copy certification, then the user will not be happy to, but nothing, Ah, of course there are many other ways today, main is a member, will have the opportunity to write how to retain visitors.
four, building interactive
SNS community build an SNS community interaction system, users can upload their own logs, photo albums, sharing, interaction, such as private information. And pay a certain amount of points, and beginning users may feel no call, upload in order to score. Upload in order to upload over a long time, since your site has plenty of personal journals, albums and other information, then the viscous nature, even if you're out this pattern does not have to pay commissions, he would come every day to your site. Points can be exchanged through the website
paid some small prizes, such as, of course, is within a certain range, otherwise the site may encounter brush or loss, it is not worth while.
five, increasing the attendance feature, sign in feature
increase the sign function, is the landing point of a button or leave a message to get points. Sign means you sign in to one point, attendance tomorrow for 2 minutes, followed by accumulation, if one day open did not sign in, then start from the beginning. A lot of people for the mental satisfaction reasons, stick to it will not give up and continued attendance, then it will give you a constant flow, is currently the more popular easy way to increase the viscosity of the user.
Note that presented to the user score must have practical uses, such as you can use these points draw and Exchange small gifts. Uncle Wang also said, often linking members and money, then you can keep people well. But don't link too often, we finally don't give money to the user not to, instead of drag on the website.
everything should be a scale appropriate is the best, not to burst one day 10th cold, adhere to constant, long-term view. Can be invincible!

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