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Old master's advantage not to be ignored

The saying goes: "Ginger or old hot" as the site of the old station (over five years). it is hot is not hot? Years of eventful years, UPS and downs, many of the old owners are gradually fade out all sights, some names not in the domain name in some very calm and low-key, quiet ... ... Our batch after batch of new webmasters webmasters to add to the active element. N years ago, some of the owners, shared experience's enthusiasm is very high, I do not know why they are getting low, I do not know is a career change or a bow in a few money can't help sharing. This article summarizes some of the old station site of some of the advantages, on the one hand want to old webmasters are able to share some of the positive experience, on the other hand give the novice webmaster to provide some experience and lessons.
1, vibrant, failure is an advantage. Failure is the old stationmaster's greatest wealth. Successful experience is valuable, the most precious is the experience of failure. From the most successful experience we can easily see what success would not happen overnight, are experienced and the trials and tribulations experienced more or less failures. Old webmaster in a long period of experience has accumulated a large number of examples of failure and experience, either from the initial Web site positioning, also is running the promotion of methods and techniques, also for search engines on some of the measures, and have accumulated a lot of experiences. These experiences for every new Web site project will bring direct benefits. So, we can easily find some of the old owners launched a new Web site project, either in terms of speed and the building site weight accumulation rate, rising very fast, the reason is simple, in contrast to novice owners, they save a lot of detours, they won't make the same mistake at the same place. This is the site for a long time project failures brought about by the positive effects.
2, and battle-hardened, technology is an advantage. It is said that technology in the present Internet in this circle is not an important factor. It's true and the Internet as long as you make it clear what you need, as well as adequate funds, any show can leverage the power of third-party help you achieve, but if you are a little technical accumulation of useless, what need to be someone else, your core will be within easy grasp. I have a friend like this, spending tens of thousands of Yuan, technology platform, based on the user to build up technology in the end even the domain name volumes ran. When we implement need to find professional people to do things when that believes the size of the site is not generally strong, General station and in the early stages of development, we need to understand and master some basic technical knowledge.
not strictly related to development, can at least tell what is good and bad, of high quality and is not high; not to be fooled, don't be scared. Modify simple participation in some technology and feasibility analysis. While meeting functions and expenses as much as possible, stable development of websites. Believes for these, many old webmaster really of was very admired, not only at marketing promotion, and on technology aspects are very road, from simple of development, to website server of simple maintenance; from website of two times development to website number times revision, many personal website of program, and design makes many big company are clap your hands praised, and many big company of website design style are more or less in imitation they. As a novice webmaster, not to say technology is not important, to learn some basic technical knowledge, a more comprehensive understanding of technology, I believe that some advantages for future Web site development. Making money is the result, rather than objective, when accumulated to a certain extent, this result occurs.
3, sophisticated, not been hoodwinked is an advantage. Old webmasters the most rare is having a calm, in the face of any business model, when they can according to their own experience and experience accumulated for a long time, things have their own identification and judgment, this is the advantage as compared to new owners. There were many people talked about in the forums, the Internet has developed so long, operational practices in the ever-changing, promotion in the ever-changing, and not become owners of the following. As long as outgoing money, specifically what projects can quickly make money, webmasters have flocked to, whether the user or the keyword ranking, were badly beaten, and in the end is not a new AdSense to make money, or old AdSense to make money. Is not to say that the old owners do not follow, but old stationmaster in the face of this information and the information of the time, have their own independent thinking, if appropriate, how to apply, that needs to be done to prepare, organized and prepared. So we often see that when we are novice webmasters when planning how to start, old webmaster of a Web site project has been on the line operations.
old webmasters not to be fooled, they gave us another proposition from one side: old webmaster talk to others. We are seeing in webmaster circles that some theories and methods, many new webmaster tools for webmasters is the old fool. Fool's goal is to make money. Old station along the way, find themselves paying too much for your Web site fees, and development of the new owners, so that they can have a creative idea, so we see a lot of professional support in the new webmaster website, promotion, marketing and so on a series of products, many of them from the hand of old webmaster, they sell the product, but dream. Dream is what? Hoodwinked!
4, to make friends and contacts in the industry is an advantage. Important may not know how many cattle, made a number of celebrities, more important is a man, a man of experience. People say that friends don't care about size, but rather whether the heart, whether in the most difficult times lend a helping hand. Really understand the circle of owners, who understand the Internet knows, creativity, ideas which are not important, important is how much power you have, the same project, you can use the resources have. If by taking out a personal force, want to put a Web site is very difficult to start from 0. We see a lot of the SEO team, an enterprise keywords can be done quickly in a very short time, observed after the discovery, SEO resource strength of the team as a whole is very large. Huge resource base, a huge industry resources promote enterprise brand of soft-can send to each corner, numerous standing outside the chain can get corporate website has a qualitative change overnight. These are requiring extensive contacts in the industry to support, as a novice webmaster, no matter how much technology you badly, no matter how bad your creativity and communication skills, these advantages really takes time to accumulate, are insurmountable for a short time.
the same as a novice webmaster, may feel that we talk to the threshold of the old station is the same, old what webmasters can do, what we can do; old webmasters have the opportunity, our new webmasters have the opportunity. It is the webmaster of charm, everyone has a probability of success, fair, impartial, and rich market and potential opportunities. But when we're in the same old AdSense competition at the same time, we should always remind ourselves that the old stationmaster's strengths are, where is the advantage of the novice webmaster. Beginner in growing their own Web sites at the same time, should also pay attention to their accumulation, accumulation, is the previously mentioned advantages of some of the old owners, may in a few years, these advantages will be reflected on your body.
5, old old strengths, new fresh impetus.
old stationmaster's foot and accompanied by tears and joy. Two-tone footprints of new owners, impulsive and immature is shaking. This is the law of development. Babbling, babies learning to walk is the process of growing up. Old AdSense mo for the setbacks discourage new AdSense Mo Wei early effect of arrogance. Never too old to learn, never too old to be old. Balance your frame of mind, there is always a better future! BACK PAGE