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To have their own team to develop your Web site

The ancients said: "the Tiger must be blood brothers, the rescue also parent-child soldiers. "From the former Emperor would next land they know using teams, and why people do not understand the use of teams to build their Web sites, in the final analysis is that several factors.
1. thinking single cannot and people effective communication
2. not willing to and people common share and share results
3. fear lost since has by founded website of all income
4. not to looking for and since has has common interest, and common target, and common dream of people
Wolf can beat all than it itself badly of animal of reasons is team, most failed of people only understand of using personal capacity to work, most success of people understand of using team to work. As a know, site operations, Web site design and development technologies, understand promotion, understands the filing. He now independent operation has a a, website, I wants to everyone to thinking a problem which is this a, website can launched to did? can beat opponents did? I to answered everyone cannot, a, understand of these for in a company or team in the he is is popular of, but he only a a people he lost in has speed above (we here put some promotion and technical main level of problem is excluded).
now to talk about a recent promotion of the industry's hottest websites 28 push, was established in mouchangqing and his disciple together. Our analysis of the mouchangqing 28 disciples why there only with the help of established Web sites.
1. mouchangqing capacity in strong, relationship in strong if he no now 28 push disciple team he as will lost in speed above, because he understand of is promotion, operation, for program, art may not understand's, relationship strong understand these of people will help he but others also will has things of when cannot urgent Shi processing, and since has of 28 push disciple Mission in the and has these people.
2. mouchangqing in the zhaodizi the aim I guess is to build a team, then disciple and 28 after finding a good project to start. And 28 projects and push is that they attempt to find talent one way.
3. mouchangqing of promotion capacity, operation capacity more strong, is master surface more wide community operation told of is a data, not like website of flow data is everyone not know of, and community told of is popularity data is public of, so has 28 a disciple of common efforts promotion, marketing, posted, advice, perfect to in short time within do of so.
4. mouchangqing write up to two or three articles a day to promotion, and 28 day an article which also has 30 articles, the better.
so much talk about what is now team, site operations teams how to recruit people, site operations team assigned to work.
1. What is the meaning of team
team is a group of people together to work towards a goal, and together they focused in one direction, they may differ, but they believe the same.
2. site operations team hiring
divided into two regiments, a team of students, a social team, relatively easy to establish relatively difficult student team, establish a relatively difficult team to establish the relative development of the society is relatively easy.
(1. students team
students team of established main caught following several aspects to, has common of interest, in interest above two people understand of things not as by refers to of understand of things not as is network Shang of technology best not as, organizers to has speech capacity to persuaded others, many people is to by persuaded only will joined of, so to upgrade personal speech capacity, and team in the also has many when to with Shang speech capacity of. That is common to the two people, a good student and a bad student, I think it is difficult to form teams, when two of the time not one o'clock will quarrel, quarrel is not a good solution when the team ended. Why mentioned above established that development difficult, maybe you are beginning high school established by the team, but are facing the entrance where two people place different cannot insist that one aspect of this is the heaviest. University team facing employment options and the Outlook in terms of choice. There is also a student teams and community teams are faced with a family environment. (Can find not understand network this line of people but you to all are understand some only can in established good Hou first put time put in team training here)
(2. social team
social team of established main caught following several aspects to, find in local since has by awareness of friends, more better of colleagues, has common interest hobby and target of people, here to found which temporarily can not burden family of people, if you found to burden family of people I wants to if he family environment bad is impossible followed you spell of, You can't let him see your income team will slowly disintegrate. So currently there are not too many family obligations for them first. As long as the team set up behind the development of a project and thought the second speech by the leader the power of passion. (Can find not understand network this line of people but you to all are understand some only can in established good Hou first put time put in team training here)
3. website operation team how distribution work
a. website policy of, operation (must is leader do)
b. promotion (caught can do repeat work of people to)
c. website edit (caught has patience of people focus training, he to put articles edit good. )
d. business (hold the integrity of people focus on training, eloquence is well chosen in good faith, without obligation, any service can only keep the team end prematurely)
e. techniques such as art, the program (this talent by team position itself there is no need to. Art I think is a must-have) BACK PAGE