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Hard work and know-how to quickly update BD snapshot

A snapshot of the site whether or not update directly affects the weight level, how to make a snapshot of the site every day, especially for a new station, I believe is the most vexing question every webmaster. Even if you update every day, and are original or original artifacts, can guarantee that your snapshot of the site will be updated every day. I started has been plagued by this problem, take the Dongguan SEO blog, first built in the first month, I will update every 3 or so articles, almost every article is original, Baidu and the snapshot has not updated rankings are not really giving me a headache.
later, after a month of regular updates, I began to give SEO blog the chain regularly, planned increases. Established 10 a weight compared high of free blog, as Baidu space, and end blog, and blog bus and so on (how get outside chain resources-since built blog), daily timing update 1-2 article articles, then in following plus reproduced since xuchang SEO of links, here of articles, didn't necessary himself to wrote, put himself website of articles reproduced past, or in online collected some related of articles, slightly modified on can, certainly original of effect is best of, search engine can soon of included you of blog, This will add a lot to your own website outside the chain.
and then I collected about 20 PR is high, the high weight of the Forum, leave a link on your Web site in a forum signature way (how to get outside the chain of resources-Forum signatures). I would like to explain here, referring to Forum signatures, I think a lot of owners feel that the chain is too low and unstable, most troubling is how to have considered cheating was punished by search engines as possible. In actual fact, punished by the search engines only show your forum post too low and water quality, or is the use of mass cheating tools, so that the final result can only be punished by Baidu. I collected of this 20 a forum, most is webmaster, and SEO class of learning exchange forum, not to sent outside chain and has been irrigation, but reply some has quality of post, or is on some SEO novice of questions for patience of answered, they see you answered problem of quality compared high, naturally on will see you post following of signature, then copy links came to you of website, so, not only has has outside chain, and also can brings must of flow, so why not does! BACK PAGE