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Top keywords in Baidu ranking after the actual research

Because my article up content from various Web search, so the site is very high quality, and SEO techniques in it, add description, I also do a user experience with, so there is a ranking, and rankings on the same day, view today through the traffic statistics system has come to my website above for relevant keywords. Website rank way higher, then locked in Baidu ranked first, and then at Soso Google related keywords on a search dog and should be on top.
through this key word ranking research on Baidu Baidu hot key word ranking has has following understand, Baidu index query "national holiday arrangements 2010" this key word is Xia pulled box first bit of key word, Baidu displayed for daily 1200 flow, and I website highest also no over 100, Baidu index on as everyone said of data authenticity has problem,
second I this key word ranking 2 months time total shed 2 times, not know is Baidu artificial intervention also is what reasons, And in my keywords when I checked the other sites keyword ranking, a great site found, small websites that Baidu do not trust. Description
Furthermore, Baidu although there is human intervention but for users like the page rank on the premise of not artificial drying is also will continue to increase.
4, Baidu ranking optimization is to pay attention to the user experience, and you're good optimization, no user experience, may lose his ranking or only user experience and optimization of Baidu ranked all under the premise of, website users can have better rankings and more.
5, a good user experience and optimized, you'll get a good ranking in any search engine.

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